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How to Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

Painting your home bright pink or with glow in the dark paint will make it stand out from all other houses on the street, but perhaps there are some more subtle solutions to increasing your street appeal and make your home stand out from crowd. Consider a large water feature like a fountain, a fruit tree, a decorative path to your front door or maybe some feature lighting to highlight the water feature, the plants, the path or the trees. Decorative lighting doesn't have to be reserved for Christmas!

An immaculately kept front lawn and tidy garden beds will ensure your home has great street appeal. Regular maintenance will give your home a looked after and loved appearance. Should you come to sell your home it won't take you long to get it market ready. A large water feature such as fountain or pond will look amazing but also attract a variety of wildlife to your front garden.

Add a few large statues or ornaments and you can create a stately home look for the front of your home. A sweeping driveway creates a grand path up to your front door and combined with an elaborate gate will certainly make your home stand out, especially if your gate is a wrought iron dragon!

Look at the advantages that exterior lighting can offer your New Zealand home:

1. Increase home security – an exterior that is well lit can deter burglars from choosing your home to break into. Positioning lights near your home, particularly under entrances and windows will light up potential burglar entry points and they will go elsewhere. 

2. Create an ambient atmosphere – you can easily choose lighting to induce a specific mood so you can entertain outside as well as inside, utilise different colours or even changing colours for added effect. 

3. Welcome your guests – make it easy for your guests to find your house with excellent lighting to show them where your front door is or along a side path so they don't trip over your plants or pets. 

4. Enhance landscaping – bring your garden to life at night with a completely different look than during the day. Highlight statement plants or make a feature of water and ornaments for example. 

5. Increase safety – lighting on steps or on steep driveways will minimise the risk of falls and injury to family members or guests. Consider extra lighting wherever there are potential tripping hazards. 

6. Pool lighting – enhance pool areas and entertain into the evening with underwater lighting or even floating lights, great for summer evening pool parties!

Bonus: exterior lighting in the winter when it's dark in the early evening rather than at Christmas when it's summer and you don't get to enjoy your lighting efforts until late in the evening.

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